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We love helping companies to understand what's possible with software. In our free, no-strings-attached discovery calls, we talk a deep-dive into your business to discuss potential options for you.

Helping you to turn ideas into reality

We talk through your ideas and help to understand which are likely to have the most impact against costs.

Exploring new opportunities

Whether it's finding new ways of reaching your existing customers, or opening the door to new ones, technology can expand your services and products.

Improving your capability

Let's look at how you can use technology to bring about scalability to your company, helping you to meet your ambitious goals.

Processes for starting small and scaling up

Helping you to develop a roadmap for starting with small steps, and scaling up towards a bigger vision.

Friendly expert advice

Software and technology is changing the world. We’re seeing industries move into exciting new areas and challenge the status quo.

There's plenty of opportunity for companies to use software to help meet their goals, but it can be hard to know how to best get from idea to implementation.

We love speaking to companies who want to understand the best ways forward. Even if we don't end up building anything for you, I'd be thrilled to know that we'd help you think about the options available with software solutions.

Scott Gulliver, Director & Founder

Talking in your language

There are always a few people you meet who not only have huge integrity but also are the go-to people when you have important strategic deliverables to create, the person you turn to. That is Scott.
David Ivell
Multi-award-winning CIO/CTO
Scott’s expertise and desire to keep up with cutting edge developments in technology give me a great deal of confidence that we are working with a future proof stack.
Helenna Vaughan-Smith
Senior Project Manager, Enginuity
Working with Scott and the rest of the team at Fluff Software was a dream scenario from start to finish.
Katie Boot
Marketing Executive, Ntegra
They were professional, approachable, supportive and incredibly generous with their time and expertise.
Sadie Sharp
Founder & Managing Director, The Platform Project CIC
As a company you often have a concept and goal but need someone to translate and manage expectations - Fluff did that brilliantly for us, and kept it simple.
Lucy Paine
TechSpark Swindon & Wiltshire Ecosystem Development
It’s always easy to get in touch with Scott, and chat through any ideas or upcoming changes that we have in mind - and get a good idea of the technical requirements that might be involved.
Steven Rick
Senior Service Designer

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Let's jump on a call for 30 minutes, and talk about how software can help your business.

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