deCODE: Software Discovery

Our unique discovery project for validating and developing digital products.

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​To help you get from idea to product, we deCODE the process, and create a plan that'll deliver results.

Before you jump into the design and development of a software project, it is crucial to understand exactly what problems it addresses, who the target audience is, if the solution will genuinely add value and other key factors.

Our unique software discovery phase combines our technical expertise with your deep business knowledge, to come up with a strong solution.

Half-day discovery session

This is the first step, where we spend a half-day with your team, to lay the foundations.

We'll dive deep into the context, any progress to date, and the goals of the project.

These sessions can either be done in-person or remotely - our process ensures that it works smoothly for either.

In order to get the most out of the time, we have a standard process that we use, which gives everyone a chance to have their input.

Research & recommendations

Based on the context and information we gather in the half-day session, the next step is to conduct further research. We also validate any assumptions, which is another critical factor for success.

One common area of investigation is to understand how your target users will find and use any other solutions that already exist. This forms a good basis of a new solution that they are likely to use.

We summarise any findings, and typically have a catch-up meeting to discuss.

Designs & prototypes

By looking at the fundamentals of how your users will interact with your software, we ensure that it's easy to use, a delight to interact with, and provides an amazing experience.

By developing interactive prototypes, we can bring the designs to life, and allow you and your team to see how the software will work before it's built.

Delivery roadmap & approach

Once we've got a good idea of what the software should do, we can begin to think about how it should work.

We pull together early technical requirements, and recommended technologies, into a "Software Requirements Specification".

The project will wrap up with a prioritised list of features, which we will break down into a recommended approach.

Simple & transparent pricing

Our deCODE discovery phase is priced at a level to keep it accessible to all companies.

£2,000 + VAT

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