How discovery works

Save time, money, and energy with software projects.

Have you ever experienced a software project that's gone horribly wrong?

Delivery that was over budget, and over time? Poor communication, that led to confusion about what was or wasn't included?

It shouldn't happen.

Discover before you develop

Software projects often start without proper planning. This leads to projects that are delivered over time and budget.

This planning is referred to as "discovery". It's an essential part of software projects, and we often see companies jumping in to the development step too early, without stepping back first.

Speculative quotes from companies without having done this preparation can result in comparing apples-and-oranges plans, and leading to confusion

With our discovery phase, we work with you to provide you with a clear plan for development that you can take to anyone for a true like-for-like quote.

Here's how it works...


The discovery workshop

Our tailored discovery workshop is designed to help us understand, capture, and prioritise requirements, key audience information, and success metrics.

We spend up to half a day in a structured workshop with your team, to lay the foundations. This workshop is performed remotely, to ensure that we can include everyone who needs to be there. In order to get the most out of the time, we have a standard process that we use, which allows us to tailor the specifics to the project, and which gives everyone a chance to have their input.
We'll dive deep into the context, any progress to date, and the goals of the project.
Understand and capture key project information
Explore all ideas

The investigation

Following the workshop, our team goes to work to put together a plan that’s grounded in output from the discovery workshop. This includes looking into the technical plan, and creating an approach based on an anticipated budget.
Technical investigation
Research into potential solutions

The plan

The output of our workshop is a report, where we outline a strategic plan tailored for you. We'll then work with you on how best to put this plan into place.
Early technical requirements, and recommended technologies
Delivery roadmap & approach
Early design direction & ideas

It all comes together

The outcome of a good discovery phase creates the foundation to successful projects.

Technical plan

From what technologies are best to use, to how it needs to integrate with other systems, and how it'll actually work - a structured plan helps to set out the approach.

Project costs

By deeply understanding what's going to be required, we can help you identify initial and ongoing costs that work within your budget.


By spending time on all aspects, including the business requirements, the user experience, and technical planning, you'll be able to move forward with clear steps.


From initial release, through to the long-term plan - a high level roadmap paves the way.


Discovery phase
₤1,500 + VAT
If you also decide to continue with us to implement the plan that’s put together as part of the phase, we will take this off the project costs.
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