Launching Huntly: Reviving Outdoor Exploration

Fluff Software revolutionises outdoor engagement for kids with Huntly. Discover how!

At Fluff, we've always believed in the transformative power of technology. It is with great pride and excitement that we introduce our latest project: Huntly, a unique outdoor exploration app designed to engage children in the wonders of the natural world.

Our journey began by identifying a challenge faced by many attractions and tourism sectors: How can we motivate children to feel excited about exploring the outdoors?

The answer? By marrying technology with nature in a fun, engaging, and educational way. Huntly is our response to this challenge. It's an app that turns outdoor exploration into an exciting quest, encouraging children to learn about and interact with their environment.

One of our early play testers!

Our team leveraged its extensive experience in software development to create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface that children would find irresistible. The app features a series of quests that guide children to discover various elements of nature, from spotting wildlife to identifying different types of plants. Each successful find works towards earning badges, adding a gaming aspect that fuels children's competitive spirit and their desire to learn.

Moreover, we've ensured Huntly isn’t just for children; it's a tool that benefits the whole family. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are engaging with a safe, educational platform that promotes physical activity and time spent outdoors. We've also included features that build safety in from the start.

Design couples with UX at the foundation of great products

But we didn't stop at individual families. Recognising the potential for a wider impact, we designed Huntly to benefit outdoor attractions and tourism sectors too. By offering custom, location-based quests, Huntly can increase visitor engagement and extend dwell times. It offers a new way to showcase attractions and connect with a younger audience. It's a win-win for families and venues alike.

As we launch Huntly, we remain committed to our mission of using technology to create positive change. We're confident that this innovative app will inspire a new generation of explorers, foster a greater appreciation for our environment, and support attractions in their mission to provide unforgettable experiences.

Early API design work

You can give Huntly a try today by downloading the app, and join us in this exciting adventure. Together, we can reignite children's passion for the great outdoors.

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