AI and Tourism

AI is changing all aspects of our lives, and tourism is a key industry where it's moving fast.

Is there any industry not affected by AI? The tourism industry is the latest to embrace the technology to enhance its offering.

TUI is currently testing the potential of generative AI via its mobile app. The new feature provides customers with informative responses about holiday destinations and personalised recommendations for excursions, activities and attraction tickets.

It’s just the first step into the realm of AI for the tourism group which incorporates 1,200 travel agencies, five airlines with around 130 aircraft, over 400 hotels and 16 cruise liners.

TUI plans to implement AI features across all areas of the business, building internal skills and capabilities across the organisation and working in conjunction with its strategic cloud partner AW Sand other third parties.

Without a doubt there will be a learning curve, and investment in staff will be needed to maximise the potential of the technology.

They will soon reap the rewards though, using AI to provide accurate, up-to-date, bespoke advice and recommendations to customers, quickly and efficiently.

This then frees up staff time to focus on other important elements of customer service, providing an all-round better experience which meets the demanding needs of modern consumerism.

It’s a fascinating time as we move into new territory and begin to discover the full power of AI and the benefits across a range of industries, including leisure and tourism.

From customer queries and recommendations to automated offers and real-time information, the ways in which AI combined with the right software can enhance the visitor experience are endless.

A recent report has highlighted the potential impact of AI on the tourism sector. Here are some of the key findings:

  • AI can analyse huge amounts of data, generating valuable insights that enhance the customer experience and boost operational efficiency.
  • With AI, making travel arrangements becomes easier as it offers automated and customised services.
  • AI automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks, reducing waiting times and costs while freeing up employees to focus on more critical responsibilities and addressing staff shortages.
  • AI provides effective resource management strategies and streamlines processes, increasing enterprise profitability. Its influence extends to marketing strategies, enabling personalised ad targeting and increasing marketing and sales content on social media platforms to enhance customer engagement.
  • Generative AI can analyse extensive customer data, such as travel history and preferences, to generate personalised recommendations for destinations, activities, and itineraries.

It’s clear that AI has the potential to transform the industry in many positive ways. Central to this must be a clear strategy - joined-up thinking of how to maximise its use through well-developed apps and software.

If you’re interested in finding out how AI and bespoke apps can help your business now and in the future, talk to our team and let’s start the journey together.

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