Case Study: Web application to help get people into new careers

Case Study

The challenge

Enginuity are a data-focussed organisation who are driving real change in the engineering sector. For this project, they needed to create an interactive web experience that would help people to see what careers might be applicable for them in the vaccine manufacturing sector.

Whilst they already had some research in flight to back up the required comparisons, we were tasked with making it available to users with an interactive website that would allow people to easily review data outputs.

Design and UX

We first took the existing design specification that had been provided, and put it to work for the new application. Working with an established design language is always a good starting point, and we were able to quickly build a proposed UI which felt like part of the existing ecosystem. This was important to make users feel at home in the new application.

We created prototypes using Figma to create early interactive discussion tools. We always like to use prototypes where we can, as they drive interesting questions and issues out early in the process. It's really useful for clients to be able to click through in their own time, and get a feel for how it will behave once built.

Creating an interactive prototype helps to iron out the user flows

Built for scale

To ensure that the website would be scalable and performant, we utilised .NET Core microservices for the back end, building robust and secure APIs. The infrastructure was created in the Azure suite, using CosmosDB and Kubernetes, amongst other technologies.

We managed to built a platform to budget and timeframe, that's also set up for future expansion. With the planned roadmap, it was key to leave a lasting platform that would be easy to adapt.

A scalable platform needs robust and proven technology

Delightful experience underpinned with technology

Delivering a truly simple and easy experience was critical for the success of this project, and was a key measure that we identified early. It would require lots of technology underpinning the matching functionality, but we were keen to hide that away with an intuitive interface.

What we've ended up with is a really engaging web experience that is helping people explore new career opportunities.

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I absolutely love working with Fluff Digital. I have worked with Scott on many projects over 3+ years and he is always a total pleasure to work with. Scott is professional, pragmatic and creative, and pulls out all the stops to deliver on time and to budget. He has an excellent eye for quality and detail, and always looks for ways to delight users with a slick user experience. Scott’s expertise and desire to keep up with cutting edge developments in technology give me a great deal of confidence that we are working with a future proof stack, enabling us to be responsive to our own clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott and Fluff Digital to anyone.
Helenna Vaughan-Smith
Senior Project Manager, Enginuity
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Scott Gulliver

Scott Gulliver is the Director of Fluff Software, a software development company based in the South West of England. Scott has been helping large companies to implement software and technology, with a particular focus on digital transformation over the past decade.

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