Case Study: Showcasing Green Skills in engineering

Case Study

The Challenge

As a forward-thinking organisation, Enginuity approached us to help deliver on a new goal. That goal was to showcase the depth of green engineering, and it was to be in place for the pivotal COP26 event.

We had a short turnaround time for this one, with the event only being a few weeks away. Thankfully, due to excellent communication and decision making throughout, it was never going to be down to the wire.

In order for the site to be effective, it had to be inspiring and educational, and reach a wide audience. We leveraged a quick development cycle, in order to start getting feedback right away - and iterating from there.

Design & Build

A key to getting the educational aspect of this project right was to allow for the content to shine through. Displaying content simply, and in a way that scales across multiple screen sizes is the first step. We implemented good responsive web practices, which scales well from mobile to large desktops.

The second step is to make it easy for Enginuity to keep the content up to date. Green skills and the news around them are constantly changing, and the website would be a cornerstone for green engineering information. To aid this, we paid as much attention to the content editing experience, as we do to the end-user experience.

By using best-in-class tools, we were able to get the first version of the website in the hands of our users within 5 working days. This allowed us to get feedback from both internal and external users right away, and in plenty of time for the launch event.

Scalability & Purpose

With the event being the main launch for the website, that certainly wasn't to be the end. We believe in building experiences that will last a long time. The foundations of the site were then in place for several more versions to come along, which brought about features in a similarly speedy fashion.

See the website here:

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