Case Study: Improving the maintainability of a core website

Case Study

Getting creative

In almost every project that we take on, there are constraints to work within. Sometimes, these are boundaries set by budget or timeframes, and in other cases, they are prior work and an existing "landscape" to work within. It's these boundaries that let us flex our creative muscles, and create amazing results within constraints.

Tech Swindon is a good example of a project that came to us with prior work. A beautiful brand had been created, and a website had been developed, which had been used for a year by the organisation. Over the year, they had dealt with friction when trying to update the website with new content.

A key element of the website was to showcase local technology partners

Learning from experience

As a core aspect of Tech Swindon, it was important to promote timely and relevant content from the community, and a large part of this was publishing features and events on the website. We took to the challenge of recreating the website with ease of maintainability and a content-first approach.

The first thing that we did was to audit the existing website. The design and UX were already in good shape, and so we managed to reuse a lot of the existing work that had been done.

Now that the existing website was already 12 months old, there were also new focusses and priorities for Tech Swindon. We spent time researching and investigating to find an ideal hierarchy for the new website.

Refreshing the hierarchy of the website

Ease of maintenance

Given that the top priority was to make the website easy to update, we chose the technology specifically to address this. Webflow is often our top choice for websites such as these, as it allows for a great editor-first experience.

It's always a difficult choice to "re-platform" something, but in this case, the benefits significantly outweighed the work involved. Webflow also proved to be a good choice here again, as it was a good choice for us to quickly rebuild the website without too much time being taken.

Webflow contains simple-yet-powerful editor tools

A new breath of life

Our designers worked hard to bring about some small tweaks and improvements to the overall website while we were moving it to the new platform. This included making use of animation and video to provide a striking first impression.

We also put our UX experience into play, and spent time on all of the "call to action" elements, to ensure that they were easy to use, and engaging.

Making the forms simple and easy to use was key to improving engagement

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As a client you often have a concept and goal but need your delivery partner to translate and manage expectations - Fluff did that brilliantly for our TechSwindon summit, keeping it simple as we needed while ensuring it looked professional. Great communication made working with Fluff a fantastic experience, we defined the scope together and the project was delivered on schedule - perfect!
Lucy Paine
TechSpark Swindon & Wiltshire Ecosystem Development
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Scott Gulliver

Scott Gulliver is the Director of Fluff Software, a software development company based in the South West of England. Scott has been helping large companies to implement software and technology, with a particular focus on digital transformation over the past decade.

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