Case Study: Fast Jet Performance

Case Study

The Challenge

Fast Jet Performance is a unique brand that helps people understand their true potential, discover their integrity and to inspire themselves and others to be present every day. Tim Davies uses his experience as a senior RAF flying instructor to provide inspiration and motivation through content on YouTube and other platforms, along with training, public speaking, and thought leadership.

Whilst the previous website was mainly aimed at the corporate audience, we came to the conclusion that his current primary audience was actually those that might already be interested in his videos and other content. Along with growing his audience, another goal was to enable the existing audience to find more of the content they love, along with having a route to allow them to easily become part of the “warrior” community.

Early Design Work

Whilst acting as a hub to all of the content and social channels, we also needed to highlight the other services and support options available, such the Patreon community, and a unique course which guides people through taking back control in their life.

Research & Design

The audience for the website was to be fairly varied, from those looking for new content from the various channels, through to corporate organisations enquiring about booking training. This always poses a challenge, as we need to ensure that messages are clear to everyone, whilst still being specific enough. Focussing on Tim and the community as the common thread was a successful way to tie everything together. This was also an obvious thing to do given that Tim is the public face of the videos and other content.

Responsive Layout

As content is such a big part of the Fast Jet Performance platform, we spent some time looking at the best ways to tie this into the website. After weighing up the options, we landed on not replicating the content on the site, but instead providing clear links out to the native platforms instead. This way, the content can be consumed in its best light, and where the options to like & subscribe are prominent and natural.

At Fluff, we like to take every opportunity to improve the user experience by including clever design elements. One such example of this was the blog section, where we wanted to really highlight the wonderful long-form articles that Tim has produced. We stripped away everything except the content itself, while providing simple options such as tags and read time to help people understand the articles at a glance. Another nice touch here was to include a subtle progress indicator which shows how far through the article you are. In testing, this greatly improved the experience of people reading through the longer articles.

Full Screen Navigation

The full-screen navigation experience was another addition that we’re proud of. When a user clicks on the menu icon, we launch a beautiful full-screen canvas which highlights the various sections of the site. Another benefit of this is that it’s a natural place to include other elements such as social links, and a site-wide search.

The Implementation

We chose Webflow as the platform for this project. It’s a favourite of ours, as it allows us to very quickly deliver quality deliverables to our clients, whilst also being a bulletproof system for them to maintain in the long run.

The CMS functionality within Webflow now allows Tim to add & update content as required. This was a must given the amount of great content that he produces, and we wanted a way for him to be able to quickly highlight it as it’s created. We made special use of Webflow’s powerful CMS to also allow the quick promotion of any blog articles so that they appear at the top of the list. This will enable highlighting of new articles, or even past ones which may be particularly topical.

Blog Filtering

As for the design system, we know that Tim has plenty of plans for expanding his community and services in the near future. We wanted to have the design and implementation be flexible enough for him to easily adapt it for these future improvements. Having created a few standard elements, icons, and types, it will be easy to add new sections to the site which fit in well.

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